Mama Mia, Here They Go Again! 12 amazing facts about comeback ‘Kids’ ABBA

It is being seen by many as the music comeback of the year. Pop legends ABBA have finally announced that they will be releasing a new album, their first after almost 40 years — Visitors in 1981 was the last studio album from the group. The group had announced plans to have special performances through digital versions of how its members looked in the seventies (ABBAtars if you will). There had also been talk of some new songs, but now, there’s a whole album coming up. And if the band is to be believed, the magic has not left them.

“We’d see each other every now and then, but it was especially clear when we were in the studio for the first time for this album, together, because that was so strange and wonderful at the same time,” ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus told Zane Lower on Apple Music about the group’s return to recording. “Everything came rushing back, like it was yesterday. This was a very familiar, normal situation we were in, the four of us. ‘Yeah. Okay. We’re recording,’ like it was yesterday. …I looked around and I looked into Agnetha’s eyes and Frida’s eyes and there was the same kind of feeling, the warmth and the friendship and the bonds, between us that, as you suddenly realize no one on earth has experienced this kind of relationship that we have because, thinking about it, it’s true, nobody else has.”

Well, only time will tell just how well the album, “The Voyage,” comes out (it is set for release on November 5). But as music lovers welcome back perhaps one of the greatest groups in the history of music, here’s a look at twelve amazing facts about them:

Guess who were the first people to get the chance to hear the four band members perform together? No, it was not an audience in a club, a studio or a stadium. The first folks who got to see them together were the United Nations soldiers stationed at Cyprus in 1970. The four artists had gone to Cyprus on a holiday and while they knew each other, they had never performed together. It is said that they started off by singing at the beach and then performed in front of the UN soldiers. Alas, no recording of that performance exists (no phone cameras around those days).